So Change Already

"Mom, I'm bored. "Go play!" was the reply. If you're reading this and are a Generation X'er or a millennial..."

A Humorous Lending Story

"It was 25 years ago, and I didn’t know a keystroke from a backstroke. My wife, Cathy, and I, had just started a mortgage company in Detroit, MI, and thought we were on our way to fame and..."

The Mortgage Lender’s Lender

"Looking for another channel of business for your company? Or, as a loan officer, are you interested in reaching out to some affinity groups that might really find you and your services valuable? Well, I’ve..."

Selling Wealth Creation

"Financial planners can be one of your most lucrative referral sources. Tens of millions of wage-earning Americans desperately..."

Why Banks Need to Be More Like Carrots

"Picture this: a family is new in town and drives down Main Street checking out the local shops. Wow, they realize, there are a lot of banks! Which one should we choose? The..."

In Charge

"This is a product re-engineering idea you won’t want to ignore. It could ramp up your volume – and save you money. Invariable: in•var•i•a•ble (adj.) not variable; not changing..."

7 Reasons to Get Your Mortgage From a Broker

"Have you ever known something to be true, I mean to your bones, and you just couldn’t understand why everyone else didn’t see it? And it becomes your mission to show people the light? There’s an old Yiddish expression for just these moments..."